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Contraception Metric

EVENT: Transformation Center


The 2017 Innovation Cafe is is a forum for Oregon health system transformation champions to engage in peer-to-peer learning and networking.


CCO, clinic and other innovative health system leaders will present projects and discuss learnings focused on 3 CCO incentive metrics:


  • Increasing effective contraceptive use to reduce unintended pregnancy
  • Reducing tobacco prevalence
  • Reducing ER use with a focus on behavioral health

Oregon CCO Metric

The Coordinated Care Organizations throughout Oregon manage the care for our Medicaid population and are tasked to improve health outcomes.

The Oregon Metrics and Scoring Committee added “Effective Contraception among women at risk for unintended pregnancy” as an incentivized metric for Coordinated Care Organizations and 2017 will be the 3rd year running. One Key Question is the #1 recommended clinical strategy to meet this metric for your health center.

We advocated for Oregon to be the first in the nation to adopt a preventive reproductive health metric to pave the way for ensuring women are receiving proactive care.

Here are resources to help you understand and meet the new ECU metric:


National Metric:

Effective November 28, 2016, the National Quality Forum (NQF) endorsed clinical performance measures for contraceptive care submitted by the U.S. Office of Population Affairs (OPA). These
measures fill an important gap in reproductive health care, and can be used to strengthen women’s and men’s access to client-centered contraceptive care. “Implementation of these measures may also help reduce the high rates of unintended pregnancy in the U.S.”



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